Artwork @ the Revel Hotel | Urbandale, Iowa


ART @ Revel

The Hotel Revel Murals are the creative documentary by Gustav of rural Iowa and the industrialization of modern farming. Gustav was a collaboration between Scott Kaven & Ben Schuh (2015-2019) where these two powerhouses worked simultaneously as one. Elements were drawn from Ben’s roots in Webster County as well as Scott’s connection to machinery and ability to add an abstract interpretation. Elements from farm implements to livestock to blueprints drove these works to encourage viewer interaction.

The Mural Harvest to Store combines multiple aspects of a modern, industrial farm. From the power harvested by turbines allowing Iowa to lead the way in wind energy to the classic blue, Harvestore silos allowing farmers to safely store grain until it’s taken to market. These semi-realistic elements merge with graffiti inspired content to create nonstop movement.

The mural Futures tells the story of the beef and grain markets with an urban flair focused on street art complimenting the ever expanding farm industry. Imagery incorporates the systematic harvesting by three combines in an effort to capture the ability of farmers to work together. Ben referenced the story of a family farm in Clare, IA where neighbors, friends, and family came together to handle an entire harvest in a matter of hours to assist a family in need.




11211 hickman road
urbandale, iowa 50322


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